Legend in Chiloé says that there is a lady of very special characteristics who lives in the woods. Her name is ‘Fiura’. But people, especially men, are careful about her because she is mean and extremely dangerous.

Physically speaking, Fiura is a short woman with long, black hair who always wears a red dress. She is extremely ugly, but this does not stop her from being able to attract men with her harmonious voice and her magical breath.

The Fiura is La Condená’s daughter and Trauco’s wife, although she likes to be with other men as well on the condition that they do not look at her. If they do, then she casts a spell that leaves them ‘twisted’ in some part of their bodies. The name of this spell is “tullir”, that is, deforming the body.

When she is really angry, she can curse anyone or anything, including children or animals, such as cats, dogs or pigs, or entire families. She can throw these spells from a great distance and they are usually known as ‘airs’ (‘aires’).

Finally, if someone encounters this lady in the woods, it is no good  fighting her because it is an impossible task. She possesses incredible force, and a skill in fighting so that whoever wants to fight with her ends up hurt and wounded, whereas she escapes without a scratch. They say “it is like hitting a shadow”.

As she lives in the marshes of the Chilote woods, and she bathes under the waterfalls, it is a good idea for people to avoid going to those places so they do not come across this evil woman.